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Answer: Asset digitalization is the process of filing endorsement documents of physical assets according to certain requirements, uploading them according to certain rules, thus forming packed and sealed blocks on blockchain, and finishing asset digitalization.

Answer: Digital asset has the advantages of high circulation, high traceability,high credibility, convenient trading, which can bring faster finance and sales income to enterprises, easy investment product and operation mode to investors, quicker and broader sales market to product issuers.

Answer: Strictly speaking, complete information of asset is needed, after a series of pre-entrust process including information of authentication, evaluation, insurance and confirmation of ownership, the ownership of real asset will be entrusted to a third-party registration settlement center, sponsors will make it to a formally-operated digital asset Exchange to trade.

Answer: At present, a time-honored brand Ning Hong Gan Hong tea, Hua'yang Xi Maotai Wine, high-quality Pu'er Da Guan Jin Gong, Da Guan Qian Nian Xue Shan and American real estate project SRT have done asset digitalization by ACChain.

Answer: Yes. After verification and confirmation from a formal third-party, individual assets value and ownership of property should be confirmedand endorsed by a notary office, then it can be digitalized by ACCHAIN and becomes a settlement unit of asset digital information, sponsored by sponsors and maintains a healthy operation of the market by brokers.

Answer: ACChain is designed to be an asset digitalization tool from the very beginning, which is a fundamental tool providing professional services for digital assets. The "3+1 mode" it created is an ecosystem that provides full services for the digital asset.

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