ECC Equity Digital Asset
A digital asset anchored to listed equities
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What is ECC?

  1. Based on Blockchain Security Asset Agreement (BSA), ECC security asset (abbreviated as ECC) is an asset of blockchain security program digitalizing, structuring and standardizing security assets in the real world. Through open, transparent, liquid blockchain technology, ECC provides holders with professional, convenient, highly efficient, secure and fexible method to participate in equity investment of Hong Kong listed company.
  2. As a digital asset anchored to listed equities, ECC involves in scenario application based on the value of listed equities, it helps minor enterprises in financing, circulation and peer to peer transaction on consumer device with its abundant experience in scenario application. Based on real asset (listed equities) and circulation tool of digital asset, a virtuous cycle of enhancing development of real economy is accomplished as scenario application feedbacking to the real world.

Equity Digitalization

  1. ECC acquires listed equities in Hong Kong mainboard through setting up equity company. Acquired equities will be trusteed to a third-party for settlement, a standardized, transparent, trust-free digital asset ECC will be issued in the bottom layer of ACChain in reference to BSA (Blockchain Security Asset) smart contract.

Application Scenario

ECC can be used as exchange medium during retail terminal of ECC consumption and during industrial chain settlement of minor enterprises.
Irrespective of different access (issuing, consumption terminal, exchange, etc), user is able to trade freely in digital asset exchange and ACChain open market (decentralization) with ECC, free circulation between open market and exchange can be achieved too.
Irrespective of different access (issuing, consumption terminal, exchange, etc), user is able to apply for redemption in Redemption Center of ACChain with ECC, and exchange the holding ECC security assets into shares of stock in the real world. Related asset settlement will be registered and completed by the third party during ECC asset digitalization process, corresponding ECC share will be removed after settlement while data will be recorded in ACChain.

Issue Plan

Fixed volume of ECC is 210 million, 30 million of which will be issued to qualified investment organization and individual in the way of orientate offer(anchoring 20 millions shares of listed company).

Issuer Introduction
Located in Jing'yun Building, Shennan Street of Shenzhen city, Shenzhen Ju'ying Internet Technology Limited Company was set up on 25th,September,2015 with registered capital of 10 million RMB. It is committed to transform the industrial chain structure of traditional enterprises with internet and the most advanced blockchain technology, digitalizing capital and asset of brick-and-mortar companies, making the market more standardized, enterprise data ordered and increasing the vatality and sales performance of enterprises.
Underwriter Introduction
Underwriters are all qualified institutional investors, who needs to meet the following requirements:
An organization with a net asset of not less than 10 million RMB.
With financial asset of not less than 3 million RMB, or in the last three years, the average annual income of individuals is not less than 500 thousand RMB.